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How to Prepare for the Pitfalls in Employee Experience Transformation 

As Employee Experience continues to gain more traction and importance and becomes an ever increasing priority for Chief HR Officers, as a HR function we don’t have a clear plan on how to execute on it. The TI People along with 20 HR leaders from across the United States spent two days breaking down the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of sustainable EX improvement and co-creating solutions to the pitfalls, they’ve seen unstick the best of intentions in EX.

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100+ Conferences to attend in 2019 on people analytics, the future of work and data-driven HR

In this article, David assembles the conferences taking place in 2019 where people analytics, employee experience, HR technology and the future of the week are the dedicated or central theme. There are over 100 conferences chronologically ordered by date and featuring events taking place all over the world from Fiji to San Francisco, and from London to Auckland.

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A maturity model for Employee Experience

Employee experience is the new battleground in the war for talent. How can HR design a compelling Employee Experience and manage it at scale? Our new EX maturity model offers an implementation roadmap and readiness diagnostic to help HR executives focus limited resources on the right actions and align with their digital HR strategy.

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How to use Design Thinking in HR

There are many factors that are changing the way we approach human resources, from attracting and selecting talent, all the way through to talent development and retention. Whatever the external influences, the fact is that this change requires new applications in the way we think about our people and design our people management strategies. One of the most recent trends is Design Thinking, and how it can be used as a tool to understand and improve the customer experience of HR.

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Building Employee-centric HR with Service Design Thinking

As a consumer of various services, like banking, I’m occasionally frustrated by the surprising complexity of doing simple things, stuck in some multi-layered voice system or surfing across internal silos (sometimes in an endless loop) when trying to resolve an urgent problem.

I like to complain about customer service as much as anyone, but I must admit that on average, my experience has improved dramatically in the past few years as some of the better players out there have upped their customer service game…

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