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The best HR and People Analytics articles of February 2019

February may be the shortest month of the year but there was certainly not a lack of terrific articles for David to choose from this month. Selections include the article of the month from Adam Grant, some of the latest thinking on Employee Experience, some illuminating new research on the adoption of analytics and AI by HR from Oracle and data-driven articles covering learning, ONA, diversity and insights from the recent PAFOW conference in San Francisco.

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100+ Conferences to attend in 2019 on people analytics, the future of work and data-driven HR

In this article, David assembles the conferences taking place in 2019 where people analytics, employee experience, HR technology and the future of the week are the dedicated or central theme. There are over 100 conferences chronologically ordered by date and featuring events taking place all over the world from Fiji to San Francisco, and from London to Auckland.

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Analytics of the people, by the people, for the people: Key takeaways from PAFOW West 2018

Yes, it’s a slightly grandiose title: it might make a few people smile; it’ll probably make many more sigh. Some may even consider it Lincolnesque(!), but the People Analytics & Future of Work (PAFOW) conference that took place on 1-2 February in San Francisco definitely deserves such a lavish title…

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