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The best HR and People Analytics articles of June 2019

In his monthly round-up of data-driven HR articles for June, David features case studies from Microsoft, Spotify and HSBC as well as insightful articles on how people analytics is helping shape initiatives around culture, employee experience, transformation and innovation. There’s also a special on the growth of AI in HR and featured authors include Laszlo Bock, Dave Ulrich, Dawn Klinghoffer, Katarina Berg, Lexy Martin and Thomas Rasmussen.

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The best HR and People Analytics articles of February 2019

February may be the shortest month of the year but there was certainly not a lack of terrific articles for David to choose from this month. Selections include the article of the month from Adam Grant, some of the latest thinking on Employee Experience, some illuminating new research on the adoption of analytics and AI by HR from Oracle and data-driven articles covering learning, ONA, diversity and insights from the recent PAFOW conference in San Francisco.

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