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The best HR and People Analytics articles of May 2019

In his round-up of the best data-driven HR and people analytics articles for May, David features a slew of articles on how data can help understand, shape and improve employee experience. Articles are also featured on how people data can support initiatives around leadership, organisational development, learning and performance. There’s also a special on the increased use of AI in HR and the ramifications, and guidance on how to build and scale a people analytics function.

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How to be the CEO of a Culture First company

How do you create a Culture First company, and how do you measure your progress against a backdrop of greater employee expectations, rapid advances in technology and changing work models? Also, given the increasingly turbulent times in which we live, how do you adapt and evolve your company culture?

That’s the topic of this week’s podcast and this video clip from this week’s interview with Didier Elzinga, CEO and Founder of Culture Amp.

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