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How can HR support Business Disruption?

In this video clip and transcript from this week’s Digital HR Leaders podcast, David Green speaks with Nick Holley, Director of Learning at the CRF. Nick has extensive experience, not only in researching key trends in HR, he also works with major global businesses and has a background in senior HR roles as a partner at Arthur Andersen and a Director of Global People Development at Vodafone.

In this extract from our discussion, Nick and I discuss how HR can support the Business when it comes to organisational development and disruption in the business itself. If you’re interested in learning more about how HR can become more business relevant, then I urge you to watch this video with Nick.

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How to Use Advanced Techniques in People Analytics Projects

In this video clip and transcript from this week’s Digital HR Leaders podcast, David Green talks to Eden Britt (Group Head of People Analytics and Chief Data Officer for HR at HSBC) about some of the work that he has been doing at HSBC in Organisational Network Analysis (ONA), in using Glassdoor data to understand internal and external trends in employee engagement, and how he is using Natural Language Processing (NLP) at the bank. Eden outlines some great practical examples of how HSBC is experimenting with advanced techniques and using Python in their People Analytics projects.

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What is Blockchain and How will it Impact HR?

What is blockchain, how can it be used in HR and how might blockchain be used to create an “Internet of Careers”. Learn the answers to all of those questions in this video and transcript from a conversation between David Green and the guest on this week’s Digital HR Leaders podcast episode: Yvette Cameron, Founder and Principal Analyst at Next-Gen Insights. Yvette is a true expert in the HR technology space having previously been Global Head of Strategy at SAP SuccessFactors and Research Director of Human Capital Management technology at Gartner. Yvette is working closely with a number of HR technology companies to think about how blockchain could be used to revolutionise the situation around data ownership.

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How to be the CEO of a Culture First company

How do you create a Culture First company, and how do you measure your progress against a backdrop of greater employee expectations, rapid advances in technology and changing work models? Also, given the increasingly turbulent times in which we live, how do you adapt and evolve your company culture?

That’s the topic of this week’s podcast and this video clip from this week’s interview with Didier Elzinga, CEO and Founder of Culture Amp.

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How to make HR more Evidence Based

With 69% of large organisations now having a people analytics team, interest in the topic has never been higher. But how do you actually drive business performance with people data and how can we make HR more evidence based?

The guest on this' week’s podcast is Edward Houghton, Head of Research and Thought Leadership at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, or the CIPD, where he has been the lead author on a number of landmark studies on analytics, measurement, metrics and impact evaluation. In the podcast we cover a number of topics, but one in particular that we focus on is the topic of evidence-based management, which is the topic of this article.

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