Online Digital HR Courses

Online training on HR Technology, the Impact of AI on HR and Creating a Digital HR strategy

The myHRfuture academy is a learning experience platform for HR professionals looking to invest in their careers. We have several training courses that are targeted at both specialists in HR systems or digital HR as well as client-facing roles such as HR Business Partners. Our content helps HR professionals to become more digital and data-driven and will help you to navigate the complexities of the HR technology landscape and think about how to use HR technology to improve employee experience. See below for information on all of the courses that we have available on digital HR and HR technology for learners of all levels, as well as more information on our learning platform, that combines bitesized learning content with articles, research, case studies, podcasts, videos and access to a community collaboration platform for you to share ideas with peers and get answers from experts.

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Introduction to AI in HR and the Future of Work

There is a lot of hype surrounding AI in HR and its impact on work, but Artificial Intelligence, automation, augmentation, and the Future of Work are much more than just buzzwords. We need to interpret the real opportunities that new technologies can offer HR in how it can improve its own function and the organisation that it supports.

In this course, Ian Bailie and Soumyasanto Sen will explain what is AI and how it is impacting HR, as well as how HR can benefit from implementing AI and other new technologies. The objective of this course is to provide HR professionals with a good understanding of AI, the Future of Work and how HR can prepare.


How to Use Assessments for Talent Identification

This course led by globally renowned psychologist, author, and entrepreneur, Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic will walk you through everything you need to know about when and how to use assessments for talent identification. In this course, you will learn what are assessments and how do they work, what makes a good assessment, what are the major types of assessment and how technology has reshaped the assessment landscape.

On completing this training course you will become much more fluent in understanding how assessments work and how you can use assessments to identify high-performing talent in your own organisation.

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Creating a Digital HR Foundation

Digital is a word on everyone’s lips at the moment. What does it really mean for HR? In this course, we address how HR as a function can become more digital and HR can help drive business outcomes in a digital age.

This courses shares learnings from over 2,000 global companies and what has worked for them when building their digital HR strategies. You will learn the key building blocks of “digital” for the HR function and grasp a solid foundation of what the term “digital” means for a progressive HR function. On completion of this course, you will become more fluent in discussing aspects of the digital transformation ahead of all of us.