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How can HR use Technology to Drive Business Impact?

Our guest on this week’s episode of the Digital HR Leaders podcast, speaking to David Green, is none other than Dave Ulrich, the renowned university professor, author, speaker, coach and co-founder of The RBL Group. In this extract taken from their conversation they discuss how HR can use technology to drive business impact and whether the hype that surrounds Digital HR is just that – hype. If you’re interested in learning more about the how the role of the HR Business Partner is evolving in a digital age, then I urge you to listen to this podcast / read this blog post.

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How Can You Use Technology to Support a Culture of Inclusion and Diversity?

The case for diversity and inclusion in the workplace is compelling – not just because it is the right thing to do, but because numerous studies suggest it can drive better business performance too. With advances in technology and the growth of people analytics, HR increasingly has the tools it needs to promote and embed diversity and inclusion initiatives, and perhaps most critically prove that it can be a significant driver of business performance. In David Green’s latest expert interview he speaks to Stacia Garr co-founder and principal analyst at RedThread Research about the exciting and insightful research they’ve been conducting in the D&I space.

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How is Vodafone Innovating in Learning and Development?

In this video clip and transcript from this week’s Digital HR Leaders podcast, Catalina Schveninger from Vodafone and I discuss the new world of learning and how Vodafone is innovating in the area of Learning and Development. Catalina gives some great examples of how Vodafone is understanding the skills that its employees needs to learn and personalising the learning experience for them. If you’re interested in learning more about new learning models and how a company like Vodafone is leading the way in this space, then I urge you I urge you to watch this video/read this blog with Catalina.

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What can HR Learn from Marketing?

In this video clip and transcript from this week’s Digital HR Leaders podcast, Richard Collins (Co-Founder at ClickIQ) gives some great examples of what HR can learn from Marketing and how HR still has a long way to go in terms of creating a customised recruitment experience. If you’re interested in learning more about how automation and artificial intelligence are impacting the Recruitment function, then I urge you to watch this video/read this blog with Richard.

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What is Blockchain and How will it Impact HR?

What is blockchain, how can it be used in HR and how might blockchain be used to create an “Internet of Careers”. Learn the answers to all of those questions in this video and transcript from a conversation between David Green and the guest on this week’s Digital HR Leaders podcast episode: Yvette Cameron, Founder and Principal Analyst at Next-Gen Insights. Yvette is a true expert in the HR technology space having previously been Global Head of Strategy at SAP SuccessFactors and Research Director of Human Capital Management technology at Gartner. Yvette is working closely with a number of HR technology companies to think about how blockchain could be used to revolutionise the situation around data ownership.

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What Makes a Good Talent Assessment?

Despite plenty of scientific evidence that shows that psychometric assessments are a better predictor of performance than most other talent assessment methods, there is still a lot of confusion, myths and misconceptions around the use of talent assessments to effectively identify and select talent. In our online training course How to Use Assessments for Talent Identification, globally renowned psychologist, author, and entrepreneur, Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic helps us break down some of these myths and misconceptions. In our bite-sized learning video below, Tomas gives an overview of how we might determine what makes for a good assessment.

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What is the Effect of AI and Automation on HR?

There is a lot of hype around AI and HR, but what does it really mean for HR? How is the use of machine learning and other AI techniques impacting the vendor landscape and what are some of the main trends that HR will need to adopt to succeed in a world of digital transformation?

These were the topics that Ian Bailie discussed when he was invited recently to speak at the &NOW conference in Turkey in May. We have included the full video of his keynote presentation in this blog post as well as some of the key points from his talk.

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How to Transform HR to be more Digital

We hear a lot about digital transformation in HR, but how do you achieve this in partnership with the business rather than in isolation? That’s the topic of this week’s Digital HR Leaders podcast.

The guest on this week’s podcast is Sharon Doherty, Chief People Officer at Finastra who until recently spent nearly six years at Vodafone as Global Organisation and People Development Director, where she led Vodafone's approach to Organisational Effectiveness, Resourcing, Talent, Capability, Diversity and Inclusion and Digital Transformation across 30 markets

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What is AI and how is it Impacting Recruiting?

In the myHRfuture online training course, An Introduction to AI in HR and the Future of Work, Ian Bailie discusses how Artificial Intelligence is disrupting HR. In this blog post, he talks through the four areas of recruitment where AI is having the most impact, and how this is changing the way that organisations will recruit candidates in the future.

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