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What are the Six Types of Governance in People Analytics?

People Analytics needs a solid foundation. This is routed in having strong governance with clear purpose, standards, privacy, ethics and security. Governance is the underpinning element of all analytics. It ensures the right people provide direction for work, that the structure and stewardship for managing data are appropriate and applicable to your organisation and that you are managing the risks associated with people analytics in a clear and proper manner.

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How can I be more successful at People Analytics?

In this article Jonathan Ferrar outlines a common challenge that is frequently experienced by People Analytics leaders - Identifying value in People Analytics Projects. Leveraging the Nine Dimensions in People Analytics Model to support many clients navigate this challenge has led Jonathan to identify seven questions that People Analytics leaders should be asking themselves to ensure they’re on the right path to success. He also provides access to short survey that will help you identify your current level of excellence in People Analytics.

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The best HR & People Analytics articles of September 2018

In this month’s edition, David selects articles by authors including Ben Waber, Francesca Gino, Jonathan Ferrar, Laura Stevens, John Sumser, Stacia Sherman Garr and Josh Bersin. Subjects covered include the latest trends in people analytics, ethics, organisational network analysis, the importance of curiosity, employee wellness and continual listening. There is news too about Insight222, PAFOW, the official launch of Humu and another acquisition by LinkedIn. Dive in and enjoy!

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