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What HR departments need to know about the GDPR

I read an interesting article last October about the role of HR in preparing companies for the GDPR, and it struck a chord with me. Actually, it rang a bell in my head loud and clear.

Now almost a year later, I find that much of what I thought and felt a year ago about HR taking control is still true today – and all the more urgent, given that we are now four months post-GDPR enforcement.

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The best HR & People Analytics articles of March 2018

The blanket news coverage and general opprobrium following the expose of the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook data breach was a good reminder that ethics and data privacy is arguably the most important part of any analytics program – particularly when it comes to HR and employee data.

With perfect (but albeit fortunate) timing, the role of ethics in people analytics was the subject of my presentation at UNLEASH in London little more than three days after the full extent of Cambridge Analytica’s practices were exposed…

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