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10 reflections from the Wharton People Analytics Conference

David provides his reflections on the recent Wharton People Analytics Conference in Philadelphia, which featured the likes of Richard Thaler, Allyson Felix, Marcus Buckingham and Deloitte's CEO Cathy Engelbert along with the Wharton team of Adam Grant, Cade Massey and Laura Zarrow. The topics covered in Philadelphia were diverse with three themes coming to the fore: Diversity and Inclusion, Organisational Network Analysis and Nudges.

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How do you manage data privacy in People Analytics?

We had the opportunity to catch up with Ben Waber from Humanyze at the Tucana People Analytics conference and ask him about his thoughts on managing data privacy when collecting activity data on employees and is the “hype” about artificial intelligence justified? Check out the video of his interview in this blog post, as well as the transcript from our discussion.

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What HR departments need to know about the GDPR

I read an interesting article last October about the role of HR in preparing companies for the GDPR, and it struck a chord with me. Actually, it rang a bell in my head loud and clear.

Now almost a year later, I find that much of what I thought and felt a year ago about HR taking control is still true today – and all the more urgent, given that we are now four months post-GDPR enforcement.

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