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The best HR & People Analytics articles of October 2018

In this month’s edition, David selects articles covering the breadth of people analytics including articles on: how to create a data-driven culture, organisational network analysis, ethics, advice from people analytics leaders and the role of people analytics in the future of work. Authors include Nigel Guenole and Sheri Feinzig, Lexy Martin, Josh Bersin, Rosa Lee, Amit Mohindra and Gustavo Canton. Dive in and enjoy!

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The best HR & People Analytics articles of September 2018

In this month’s edition, David selects articles by authors including Ben Waber, Francesca Gino, Jonathan Ferrar, Laura Stevens, John Sumser, Stacia Sherman Garr and Josh Bersin. Subjects covered include the latest trends in people analytics, ethics, organisational network analysis, the importance of curiosity, employee wellness and continual listening. There is news too about Insight222, PAFOW, the official launch of Humu and another acquisition by LinkedIn. Dive in and enjoy!

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The role of Organisational Network Analysis in People Analytics

One of the most exciting trends in people analytics is the rapid growth of Organisational Network Analysis (ONA), which whilst not new is witnessing a resurgence thanks to developments in technology, new ways of working and changing business requirements.

When I meet with people analytics leaders, ONA regularly crops up in the conversation as one of the techniques that they have either already begun to use or plan to deploy within their organisations.

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The best HR & People Analytics articles of March 2018

The blanket news coverage and general opprobrium following the expose of the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook data breach was a good reminder that ethics and data privacy is arguably the most important part of any analytics program – particularly when it comes to HR and employee data.

With perfect (but albeit fortunate) timing, the role of ethics in people analytics was the subject of my presentation at UNLEASH in London little more than three days after the full extent of Cambridge Analytica’s practices were exposed…

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People First: What are the key HR trends for 2018?

We’re nearly at the end of January and with the year still in its infancy optimism still abounds with regards to the likely growing impact of HR in 2018. Although as I am typing this in San Francisco in the run up to co-chairing People Analytics & Future of Work, my confidence may just be a case of jet lag combined with wishful thinking. 

So, with a cup brimming full of sanguinity here are some trends I expect to see more of in the HR space in 2018…

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