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The myHRfuture Academy is the leading destination for HR professionals looking for online training courses that focus on the future of the HR profession. Our online training provides HR practitioners with one location where they can access courses on topics such as People Analytics, Strategic Workforce Planning, Digital HR, Design Thinking, Stakeholder Management, Consulting and Influencing and other areas impacting the future of human resources. To learn more, watch the video below.


We take learning and the future of HR seriously and if you're investing time and money with us, we want to make sure that you get the best out of our online training courses. Our course content is designed by leading HR professionals that are innovators and experts in their fields. They regularly run workshops or present at industry conferences and come from some of the world’s largest companies. We know that you're busy and that in-person training or conferences can be expensive and time-consuming, that's why we've created bite-sized training courses that are broken into short video clips and are designed for you to get incredible insights at the pace that you want, so you can learn wherever and whenever you want.

Our HR online training courses will help you to future-proof your HR career by enabling you to upskill in the following areas…


People Analytics online training

People analytics is a growing discipline as companies increasingly realise the value of combining people data with business performance data to understand and solve business problems. Our people analytics online training courses are designed for all levels of HR practitioners and people analytics teams. They provide a foundation on why HR analytics is important to organisations as well as more practical examples of how to effectively deploy people analytics in companies.

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Strategic Workforce Planning online training

As companies try to create more agile organisations with a mix of full-time, part-time, permanent, contractor and freelance talent, the ability to plan effectively, forecast skill gaps, and understand the supply and demand of talent has never been more important. Our online training courses on workforce planning will ensure that as an HR professional, you not only understand how to create a strategic workforce plan, but also how you can get buy-in and support for your workforce planning activities.

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Digital HR and HR Technology online training

It is becoming increasingly difficult for HR professionals to navigate the ever-changing HR technology market with new vendors and new tools appearing almost every day. Our Digital HR online training courses are designed to help HR professionals understand how to create a digital HR strategy that considers the existing tools in its HR technology ecosystem and identifies the pain points that new technology can help solve, without negatively impacting experience.

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Design Thinking online training

Design Thinking enables HR to think beyond the typical process and programmatic approach to service delivery and focus instead on the experience and outcomes that it is looking to drive for its users. As we look to introduce new technologies and tools into the workforce that require us to rethink our approach to change management and the “customer” experience of HR, design thinking is a great tool to help us create user-centred people management strategies.

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Stakeholder Management online training

In order for HR to be successful and to drive change effectively, it is essential for it to manage its key stakeholders. Key stakeholders for HR will include internal stakeholders like employees, managers and senior leaders in the business, but can also include external stakeholders like candidates, customers, and even shareholders. In our online training courses on stakeholder management that will be released in 2019, we explore how HR professionals can map out their critical stakeholders and gain buy-in for critical HR initiatives.


Consulting and Influencing online training

The ability to consult effectively and influence others are essential skills for HR in the new world of work. In order to successfully drive change across the organisation and ensure that a culture of evidence-based decision making is embedded, HR professionals need to build skills in influencing and consulting. Our online training courses that will be released in 2019 will help HR professionals to gain buy-in, become more influential, and build relationships with others, that will allow you to manage change and build credibility.

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