Incorporating Design Thinking into HR


Understand why Design Thinking is a great tool for HR professionals and how to apply it in your organisation

What will I learn in this course?

This course is led by Volker Jacobs, Chris Rowlands, Sophie Mueller and Leonie Gatermann and will give you a practical guide to using Design Thinking in HR.

Design Thinking has become a fashionable term when talking about innovation and agile ways of working. However, this is not just another Design Thinking course, it is a practical course that shows you HOW to apply Design Thinking in HR. We will share our learnings from a series of workshops and projects in HR applying the Design Thinking philosophy and we will provide hand-picked and custom methods that are specifically tailored to creating an improved customer experience of HR.

The objective of this course is to provide you with a solid foundation of Design Thinking in HR, a pragmatic toolkit, and templates to show you how to use Design Thinking in your organisation.

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Course Curriculum

This course is about 2 and a half hours long and includes the following modules that give a great overview of using Design Thinking for HR and how to get started with implementing it in your organisation:

Module 1 - Why? A New World of Work with Severe Talent Problems

Module 2 - Why? New Service Expectations

Module 3 - Why? Translating Success from Marketing, Sales, and Service

Module 4 - Why? Start where HR has Ownership

Module 5 - What? Definition, History and Success Stories

Module 6 - What? Fundamentals

Module 7 - How? Discover and Explore: Understand

Module 8 - How? Design Phase: Ideate

Module 9 - How? Design Phase: Prototype

Module 10 - How? Validate and Activate: Feasibility Check

Module 11 - How? Validate and Activate: Build

Module 12 - How? Validate and Activate: Measure

Module 13 - Your Design Challenge Exercise

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Great new ideas and perspective from design thinking neatly packaged into the context of HR. Really enjoyed this training and eagerly waiting to utilize my updated toolkit on future projects.
— Mira Makkonen, HR Performance and Rewards, Paulig Group