How do you build credibility for People Analytics?

We had the privilege to speak to Brydie Lear, Global Head of People Analytics at ING Bank at Insight222’s Global Executive Retreat and ask her about her experience of reporting into the CHRO at ING and how she goes about building credibility for her People Analytics function. Check out the video of her interview below as well as the transcript from our discussion. For more videos on the future of HR, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

myHRfuture: As a people analytics leader, what are the benefits of reporting into the CHRO?

Brydie Lear: A lot of people ask me that, because it is a little bit unique, and when I really think about what changed for me when I took a seat at the table then really it was that direct access to knowing what are the biggest people problems on the mind of the board, the senior executives and the HR directors. I just have a direct line to accessing their thinking and I can really help shape and form the focus of what we're applying analytics to a little bit better. Also, the second advantage is that because you are on the leadership table with the HR directors, you have that immediate support for implementation on a broader basis

myHRfuture: How does reporting into the CHRO help with stakeholder access?

Brydie Lear: My boss has the direct line to the board so that's always really an advantage and my colleagues that are the HR directors sit in the management teams, so that stakeholder buy-in is much easier to get. Also, it's really good for me to help me when framing the problems for my team to tackle, because I can get direct business insights from my peers.

myHRfuture: How does reporting into the CHRO help you partner with the rest of HR?

Brydie Lear: It's definitely that direct support and there's no filter. I think sometimes if you own people analytics within a broader portfolio, then you're thinking about a lot of topics, not just the kind of strategic value of analytics, and that's what I focus on. So, I think that really helps my colleagues because I can really coach them and guide them a lot more directly, and secondly they really help me to to understand the business insights, it definitely makes it a lot more effective.

myHRfuture: Does reporting into the CHRO help to drive a data-driven culture in HR and analytics?

Brydie Lear: Everybody knows that it starts with that top-line support, but we still face the same challenges that you see in other HR organisations. How do you really drive that mindset change and that behaviour change related to becoming an evidence-based or data-driven organisation? So it helps, because you have that top-line support, but we still really have to make the same efforts to make sure that message is trickling through the organisation and we're driving that change.

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Ian Bailie is the Managing Director of and an advisor and consultant for start-ups focused on HR technology and People Analytics, including Adepto, Worklytics and CognitionX.  In his previous role as the Senior Director of People Planning, Analytics and Tools at Cisco Systems, he was responsible for delivering the tools and insights to enable and transform the planning, attraction and management of talent across the organisation globally.  Ian is passionate about HR technology and analytics and how to use both to transform the employee experience and prepare companies for the Future of Work.