What are the questions you should ask in a People Analytics project?

In this online training course How to Use Statistics in your People Analytics Projects, Ben Teusch provides a quick and practical guide to understanding how statistical analysis can be leveraged to support and improve your People Analytics projects. In this short bitesized learning video, taken from the course, Ben helps us understand what the purpose of People Analytics is and how we can maximise the pre-analysis of our People Analytics projects to deliver the most success.

What is People Analytics?

As the name suggests, people analytics is about considering your workforce, candidates, and all types of talent, from a data perspective. People analytics helps organisations move beyond making decisions around hiring, firing, promoting or employee engagement based on gut instinct. Instead, business leaders and managers can now make evidence-based decisions, based on an analysis of data, based on something more sustainable, reliable and forward thinking than how they have typically used to make people decisions in the past.

What is the purpose of People Analytics?

What the purpose of people analytics? I believe, the purpose of people analytics is to help a leader make a better decision about people by giving them relevant information. So, throughout this course we're going to be coming back to what is that decision that they're trying to make? and what information can we provide that will help them make a better decision?. Thinking about this as we go through any analytic project, will make it that much more effective.

What are the key questions to consider before beginning a People Analytics project?

Something that will make our analytics even more effective is taking a little bit of time to plan out what we're going to do beforehand. One thing that helps me to do this is to answer a few pre analysis questions before I get started. I'm going to go through them quickly here and then we'll spend a little bit more time on each one:

  1. What is the key question we're trying to answer

  2. What are the groups of employees that were going to be comparing

  3. How will we be comparing those groups or what summary statistics will we be calculating on each group.

  4. What data do we need to be able to answer this question.

To deep dive into each of these questions and understand how they can be applied to your People Analytics projects to drive greater success, take a look at our online training course How to Use Statistics in your People Analytics Projects.

The objective of this course is to provide you with some practical insights on how to think through the critical steps of a People Analytics project and to use statistical tests to answer future business questions that you might be faced with, while providing you with a better understanding of how to get started with using statistics in your People Analytics projects.

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Ben Teusch is a people analytics practitioner, with experience working in people analytics departments for large companies in the technology and financial industries. He loves using data to improve the way people experience work, manage others at work, and get work done. Ben holds degrees in mathematics, economics, & industrial and labour relations.