People Analytics Starter Kit

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Companies are starting to realize that there is competitive advantage to understanding their people. With that in mind, demand for analytical understanding in HR is rising. In the past few years, People Analytics has gone from a niche field to a mainstream focus for HR departments globally.

With that new attention, there’s a corresponding interest in learning about People Analytics, but from the reporting on the topic it can seem daunting to dive into the numbers. To help out there, I’ve been on a mission for a few years to try to make People Analytics / HR Analytics more accessible. It’s an incredible field and I can assure you there are easy on-ramp options and ways to bring a data-mindset into daily life in HR. 

To drive towards that mission, I’ve put together an update of my “HR Analytics Starter Kit” series. I originally put those together a few years ago and they are overdue for an update due to the incredible growth of the field. I'm incredibly excited to get this out there because every resource below has helped me in my own career and I'm thrilled to get a chance to share these works further.

So in the article below, I’ve pulled together books, articles, podcasts, courses, advisory, and other resources that I point people to regularly when they reach out to me. I added some commentary to the books and articles and for other sections I've just pulled what I could into one place. This collection isn't the "complete People Analytics links" page (although it did get long), but more of a central place of core resources to kick-start your journey.

I hope you enjoy the collection below, but more importantly I would love it if you could add to the series. If I missed your favorite resources / articles / books, please post your favorites in the comments below and I’ll add them to the lists where I can. There’s so much out there and I’m here to learn too.

Quick note – a close observer may notice that I did change the name deliberately to “People Analytics” Starter Kit from the previous title of "HR Analytics". Might be the focus of the next article, but if I can editorialize quickly, I think it is time to bring the field from 40+ names down to one

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