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100+ Conferences to attend in 2019 on people analytics, the future of work and data-driven HR

In this article, David assembles the conferences taking place in 2019 where people analytics, employee experience, HR technology and the future of the week are the dedicated or central theme. There are over 100 conferences chronologically ordered by date and featuring events taking place all over the world from Fiji to San Francisco, and from London to Auckland.

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How should HR prepare for the Future of Work?

The world around us is moving at a phenomenal pace that is likely to speed up as technology continues to evolve. Within HR that means that not only must we be prepared to respond, but we must also ensure our people are prepared to respond to the needs of the business, to the demands of the marketplace, and anticipating the changes in the technologies around us. Watch our latest video featuring Josh Bersin, Michelle Deneau, Heather Whiteman and Michael Arena to learn more.

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