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What is Blockchain and How will it Impact HR?

What is blockchain, how can it be used in HR and how might blockchain be used to create an “Internet of Careers”. Learn the answers to all of those questions in this video and transcript from a conversation between David Green and the guest on this week’s Digital HR Leaders podcast episode: Yvette Cameron, Founder and Principal Analyst at Next-Gen Insights. Yvette is a true expert in the HR technology space having previously been Global Head of Strategy at SAP SuccessFactors and Research Director of Human Capital Management technology at Gartner. Yvette is working closely with a number of HR technology companies to think about how blockchain could be used to revolutionise the situation around data ownership.

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What Makes a Good Talent Assessment?

Despite plenty of scientific evidence that shows that psychometric assessments are a better predictor of performance than most other talent assessment methods, there is still a lot of confusion, myths and misconceptions around the use of talent assessments to effectively identify and select talent. In our online training course How to Use Assessments for Talent Identification, globally renowned psychologist, author, and entrepreneur, Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic helps us break down some of these myths and misconceptions. In our bite-sized learning video below, Tomas gives an overview of how we might determine what makes for a good assessment.

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What is the Effect of AI and Automation on HR?

There is a lot of hype around AI and HR, but what does it really mean for HR? How is the use of machine learning and other AI techniques impacting the vendor landscape and what are some of the main trends that HR will need to adopt to succeed in a world of digital transformation?

These were the topics that Ian Bailie discussed when he was invited recently to speak at the &NOW conference in Turkey in May. We have included the full video of his keynote presentation in this blog post as well as some of the key points from his talk.

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How to Transform HR to be more Digital

We hear a lot about digital transformation in HR, but how do you achieve this in partnership with the business rather than in isolation? That’s the topic of this week’s Digital HR Leaders podcast.

The guest on this week’s podcast is Sharon Doherty, Chief People Officer at Finastra who until recently spent nearly six years at Vodafone as Global Organisation and People Development Director, where she led Vodafone's approach to Organisational Effectiveness, Resourcing, Talent, Capability, Diversity and Inclusion and Digital Transformation across 30 markets

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What is AI and how is it Impacting Recruiting?

In the myHRfuture online training course, An Introduction to AI in HR and the Future of Work, Ian Bailie discusses how Artificial Intelligence is disrupting HR. In this blog post, he talks through the four areas of recruitment where AI is having the most impact, and how this is changing the way that organisations will recruit candidates in the future.

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The best HR and People Analytics articles of March 2019

In his collection of articles for March, David brings together a host of examples of how people analytics and data has become a core foundation of the reimagination of HR. There are the latest reports from IBM (on the impact of AI on D&I), McKinsey/MIT (on the revolution in performance management) and myHRfuture (on the HR Skills for the Future). The article of the month comes from Dave Ulrich, and there are other articles from the likes of Stacia Garr, Josh Bersin, Jordan Pettman, Dawn Klinghoffer, Katarina Berg and a must-watch video from Andy Spence on the role of Blockchain in HR.

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What are the HR Skills of the Future?

In their latest report Jonathan Ferrar, David Green and Ian Bailie analyse the skills and knowledge areas that HR professionals and their stakeholders consider to be critical to HR’s ability to adapt to a data-driven and digital age, and prepare their organisations for the future of work. The findings from their research has been published in our '2019 HR Skills of the Future' report.

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How can HR tech help users to own their data?

In this post, Ian Bailie explores some of the latest thinking around employee experience and advocates that HR aims beyond just service-based experience and efficiency. HR has an opportunity to build a technology ecosystem that creates a great experience for all workers (not just employees) but that we also move to adopt more “user-centric” platforms instead of “company-centric” tools. By doing so, we can enable individuals to own their data and to build an intrinsic value for people to manage their own careers and promote lifelong employability.

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100+ Conferences to attend in 2019 on people analytics, the future of work and data-driven HR

In this article, David assembles the conferences taking place in 2019 where people analytics, employee experience, HR technology and the future of the week are the dedicated or central theme. There are over 100 conferences chronologically ordered by date and featuring events taking place all over the world from Fiji to San Francisco, and from London to Auckland.

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